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"Seven Ingredients or Less"

Seven Bites encompasses the concept of cooking with Kosher food while using minimal ingredients.   Getting creative in the kitchen doesn't have to be complicated. From appetizers to desserts, we will give you tips and tricks to help get you through some of the most difficult dishes, while only using 7 ingredients.  Cooking should be fun and effortless. Unfortunately, when many ingredients are involved cooking can become overwhelming.  Sharing ways to make your dishes taste and look great can be simple.  If you hated being in the kitchen before, hopefully this blog can show you how simple and stress free cooking can be.    

~Bon appétit~

Sara & Lindsay

Sara and I started Seven Bites going into our senior year at Yeshiva University.  I have a passion for cooking with meats and poultry.  My friends call me a carnivore, and I take that as a compliment.  I love to entertain, and I believe that food is what holds a party together.  I worked on the ABC show The Chew, which was a great experience to see first hands some of the top chefs in America, working at their craft in the kitchen.  I currently work for the Lifestyle PR Group at Time Inc. which represents the magazines: Cooking Light, All You, Coastal Living, Food & Wine, Health, My Recipes, Real Simple, Southern Living, and Sunset.  I also oversee the bloggers forum for Cooking Light.
I hope you enjoy our simple, delicious recipes.
~Lindsay Wess

  Growing up in Potomac, Maryland, baking  began as a relaxing hobby in high school. In my senior year, I interned for Edible Arrangments, where I developed a passion for food design.  My parents own a bakery, which sparked my interest in creating desserts.  I find the most relaxing time to bake at 3 in the morning as that's when it's the quietest in my house!  A large part of why I started this blog was due to my love for sweets.  Over the years, I've thought of so many fun ways to bake, and I'm glad that Seven Bites gives me the platform to do what I love.
~Sara Yitzhaky

1. Why did you start this blog?
We wanted to start a business that incorporates our interests of cooking and photography.  As college students, we love making fun dishes, and we wanted to share all of our self-taught recipes with people who have the same love for cooking and eating as we do.  When thinking of a food concept, we realized that half of the time we follow a recipe, we rarely put in all of the ingredients, due to them not having a large impact on the dish or not having it at our disposal.  We didn't want that to be the case with our blog.  We wanted all of our ingredients to be easily accessible, limiting the amount involved in a recipe that isn't necessary to the outcome of the dish.  We figured that seven ingredients allows us to create unique recipes, while staying simple! And yes, we do consider salt an ingredient.

2. Is there any seasoning that you don't consider an ingredient?
If it adds flavor to the dish, then it's an ingredient.  Therefore everything from salt to pepper are ingredients, but cooking spray is not as that is only to prevent the food from sticking to the dish or pan.
We also don't consider water an ingredient, for the reason that it adds no flavor to a dish.

3. Are you coming out with a cookbook?
Yes! We plan on coming out with a cookbook within the next few year.  Right now, we are focusing on our blog and converting it into a website.

4. Are all of your recipes kosher?
Yes, but we do not limit ourselves to cooking and baking 'Jewish style' food, therefore we believe that our food is for anyone!

5.  What camera do you use?
We use a Nikon D3100.