Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Grapefruit-Lemon Popsicles

Serving: 16
1. 1 cup of water
2. 1 cup of sugar
3. 1 1/4 cup of grapefruit juice (about 2 grapefruits) 
4. 1/4 cup of lemon juice (about 1 lemon)

You will need:
1. 16 plastic shot glasses (Warning: Glass shots will crack in the freezer. Only use plastic!)
2. 16 popsicle sticks (You can also use chop sticks and cut them in half)

1. Cut the grapefruit in half and squeeze the juice into a bowl.  Refrain from squeezing out the seeds into the mixture.  Repeat this process with the lemon into the same bowl.
2. Using a knife, take out the excess pieces of fruit by scraping the side of the grapefruit and lemon.  Set the excess pulp in a separate bowl.
3. Add water and sugar into a pot and boil on high until the sugar has dissolved.  Once finished, removed the pot off of the burner.
4.  Add the juice into the pot.  Once mixed, add in the excess pulp.   
5. Pour mixture at the 3/4 mark of the plastic shot glass.  Place in the freezer for an hour. 
6. Once the mixture is forming into a solid, place the popsicle stick in the middle of the cup. (If the mixture isn't solid enough, wait an additional 15 minutes in order that the sticks will hold in place). 
7. Place back in the freezer for an hour. 
8. Once the cups are removed from the freezer, take the popsicles out from the cups by squeezing the cup and gently gripping on the stick to remove the popsicle.  

Enjoy this refreshing Spring dessert!