Sunday, June 26, 2016

Blackberry Mojito

Serving 4-6
24 oz box of Blackberries
1.5 cups of Rum
6 cups of Club Soda
3/4 pack of fresh Mint Leaves
5 Limes
6 tablespoons of Sugar
6 cups of Ice Cubes

1. Place mint leaves in a mixing bowl. (Leaving a small amount for garnish)
2. Add blackberries. Mash until blackberries become a liquid and mix well with the mint.
3. Add sugar and squeeze in the juice from the limes. Mix well.
4. Pour mixture into a large pitcher. 
5. Add rum, stir mixture. 
6. Add club soda, stir mixture. 
7. Once you're ready to serve the mojitos add ice to each cup. (Do not pour the ice into the mojito's because it will dissolve quickly and water down the mojitos). 

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